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Washing pocket diapers

Are you supposed to pull the inserts out of pocket diapers before they go in the washing machine?

We are trying a few of our smaller pockets on LO and I want to make sure I'm washing correctly.  Yesterday we put her in a Thirsties Duo and I didn't pull the insert (and it came out on it's own in the laundry this morning), but that diaper has an opening in both the front AND the back, so I didn't know if that made it easier for the insert to come out.  

Do most pockets "unstuff" themselves in the wash? 

Re: Washing pocket diapers

  • DH and I unstuff the pockets as we change DD. One insert got left in by accident, and it just bunched up in the pocket. Neither the diaper or the insert came clean.
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  • You  need to pull out the inserts.  Some diapers are supposed to "unstuff" by themselves, but I wouldn't trust it.


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  • The only times we don't pull out inserts are when the diaper is a sleeve style like Thirsties or Alva Color Snap or a tongue style like Totsbots or Swaddlebees Simplex. All standard pocket dipes get un stuffed and if HD forgets the insert gets bunched up inside and it doesn't get clean.
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  • You need to pull the insert.  I would even if they were 'meant' to do it themselves in the wash.  I just pull it half way out, lay it over the middle of the diaper and fold the diaper in half to toss in the wash bag.  Does that make sense?  I really don't touch anything soiled since the back few inches are rarely wet.

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  • I recommend unstuffing as you go, because it is much grosser after being in your wetbag for 3 days!
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