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Why don't LC's just tell you...

DD is 2 months, 4 days old (adjusted age = 1 week old), and she isn't breastfeeding.  I've been pumping since she was born.  When she got home the week after Thanksgiving, I had a Lactation Consultant visit my home (she's been over twice so far) and additionally I saw a different LC at an office -- because I felt the 1st one wasn't helpful.  What they should just tell you is, it's going to take 3 or more months for most/some preemies to BF (I've noticed a lot of people on this board mention they started to have success at 3 months or more...).  

 In short -- I've spent SO much money (my insurance doesn't cover LC's) so far with LC's just saying to me "she'll be a great breastfeeder -- down the road".  It was not worth the time or money to talk with them -- I wish I had known to wait longer to see one...ugh. Don't get me wrong, I think LC's are great, but it doesn't make sense to visit them when your LO is still so little -- they can't change the fact that they need to grow more, etc. before they'll be able to successfully BF. I just feel robbed...

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Re: Why don't LC's just tell you...

  • Have you tried going to the BFing board?  Also, what about a BFing support group? 
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  • Thanks ladies, I appreciate the support.  I do understand that some preemies take to BFing right away and others take many months.  I guess I'm just frustrated that this is my last LO (she is #3 and has two older brothers) and I really want to BF her...and it's really hard to try to BF her, pump, wash pump parts, bottles, etc. with two other toddlers (ages 2 and 4) running around -- so that's why I just want her to start BFing soon :)


    I'm completely exhausted....  I think I will try the local hospital (free) LC support group on Thursday.  It will help to be with other moms I think.  Have a wonderful New Years! Thanks again!

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