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Milestone regression and LDs xp may 2012

At what point do you begin to worry about milestone regression? My DD used to roll both directions without trouble. Now when I put her on the floor she just lies there. I wouldn't be overly concerned because I know this sometimes happens, but my daughter was born with congenital CMV. Although we've been very lucky so far to not have any problems, learning disabilities is a possible sequal from the condition. If I'm remembering correcrly, I was thinking that forgetting a milestone skill is a possible sign of LD.
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Re: Milestone regression and LDs xp may 2012

  • It is a little early to tell.  Most often, indicators of learning disabilities might not appear until preschool age.  What you can do is look at milestones.  Talk to your pedi.  If you are worried about delayed or dropped milestones, you can request an evaluation from early intervention. 

    It is possible that at an early age a child may get interventions for specific skills and such but not get a diagnosis. It can take years to get diagnostics and then those can be refined into adulthood.  But you can look at various areas your child might be struggling in and work on strategies to help with those specifically.

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