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We went sledding - and made a discovery

One - Chris loves speed!

Two - Chris hates snow - well at least the cold and wet part of it.  He had a blast, until after one particularly snow spray-ing run down the hill his gloves became soaked and the ensuing freezing cold hands were his undoing.  He started screaming like when he's completely freaked out and there was really no getting back from that.  

The good thing is that the folks we were with know he's ASD (their son may be also, they're not sure yet) so it wasn't a big deal.  Overall, we had fun and more importantly he did too.  Next year, we'll come equipped with better snow gear and I think he will have a blast!  

So what was the discovery - he hates temperature "extremes".  Anything past warm freaks him out and super cold freaks him out too. 

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Re: We went sledding - and made a discovery

  • That will be a helpful discovery. Sledding sounds fun! DS got snow pants yesterday, and we plan to go out when he wakes up from nap.
  • Last year my ds hated the snow, he would scream and cry if we took him outside and put him down in it. This year he can't get enough of it, he'd play outside in it all day if I let him and isn't phased at all if it gets in his gloves or boots, he even opens the patio doors to run out and grab a handful of snow to eat
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