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Postpartum Depression

I need help...

I don't know if this would be as Postpartum depression.  I had my first baby almost 5 and a half months ago and I've been emotional ever since.  I love my baby and I would do ANYTHING for her.  I sometimes feel though that even though I know deep down I am the being the best mom I can be, I just have trouble believing myself that I care about her.  What should I do?  I really do love her but things are so strange.

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  • Call your OB.  DD was the exact same age your LO is when I finally realized that I couldn't take it anymore.  I second guessed every.single.thing I did.  I was diagnosed with PPD & PPA was put on medication & saw a therapist.  Things got a lot better after that.
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  • I will definitely do that!  The only thing I'm worried about is that I'm about to be switching insurance so I don't know if they will cover that since it would be a "preexisting condition."  All I do is call?  Or should I set up an appointment?
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