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Home Study Done

Our Home Study is officially done! Phew!! Before she left she told us (in the words the agency likes to use) pending your finger prints coming back, which we know are fine as you both work in public schools, your 'expecting' according to our agency. Yippie!!

She suggested we have a few items on hand like bottles and diapers, a blanket or too and perhaps some neutral onsies. She said that usually couples are matched with EM's a month or so in advance but other times they've had matches happen at birth so ya never know.  So we figure we'll do some research, watch sales, and get a few basics to get us through the first night or so. 

Thanks for all of the kind words of support. Our house has never been so spotless (just don't open any closet doors lol). She did a quick walk around but I honestly think it was just for the requirement. She was more interested in our big backyard and deck then anything else.  

Oh in an effort of honesty, tonight we had to go to target to return a belt and I made hubby walk the baby isle with me. We've avoided that section for awhile. We found the cutest bib (white and turquoise, neutral) that said 'I was worth waiting for'. I almost cried at the checkout isle of target.  


Questions Asked:

How often do you see your parents (they live out of state)?

How do you guys resolve conflicts between each other?

What is your discipline method?

How have you handled your losses? What type of support did you seek?

Is your family on board and supportive of adoption?

Are you ready for an open commitment, large or small?

Are you accepting of children with special needs? Premature? HIV? Substance Abuse? 

Do you own any fire arms or weapons?

Questions about income, job stability, long term career plans.

Are you prepared to go down to one income if someone stays home? 

Vacations growing up? Family time growing up?

How do you spend your free time together? Independently?

Were you always look at adoption? What brought you to choose adoption?

How long have you lived in your home? Do you plan to relocate in the next 3-5 years?

***** I think thats about it but if I think of any other important ones I'll update.  

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Re: Home Study Done

  • Thank you! These are really helpful.


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  • Congratulations on completing your home study, that is huge!  I'm glad it went so well : )

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  • Congrats!! Glad you have this big step over with!
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  • Congrats!

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  • Congrats! Sounds like everything went very well.

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  • congratulations! this is a huge step!!
  • Congratulations and thanks for the questions! Hopefully you get to use that bib soon :)
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