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So confusing

I posted here before about a speech issue with my son, and you ladies were so helpful.  Hoping to get some insight again.

My son's speech delay seems to be non-existent now, which is good.  His therapist has said he will absolutely not qualify in Feb when she does the reevaluation. 

BUT he is randomly doing these weird things and it makes me so nervous something is going on with him.  He will spin in circles, walk on his toes, shake his head back and forth, squint his eyes, and I noticed him once or twice cross his index finger over his middle finger.

I feel like I actually get mad at him when he does these things because it makes me so nervous he is going to be autistic..or maybe something else.  I mean, I know toddlers sometimes do these things, but doing ALL of these things seems so alarming.

He doesn't do these things even a whole lot if I'm being honest about it.  Maybe once every few days he will spin in a circle, and do it once, and I tell him to stop and he stops. 

I asked his therapists about these things the other day but she said she doesn't even see them.  She goes to his DC and this other kid there spins and she said she knows he picked it up from him.  That's the only thing she sees.

I asked her flat out about these things, and she said she really thinks he's fine and toddlers do this.  I have NEVER seen a toddler do any of this!  

She brought up these points that she says she believes really rules out autism at this point - he has great joint attention (which I think he does - constantly points and looks back to see if we are looking, wants us to play games with him - current favorite is hide and go seek.  Will actually grab me or DH and whisper "hide" and want us to hide while the other finds him, he  does things like if we are watching TV or reading a book and something is funny, will look to see if we are laughing, too).  He puts words together now in a meaningful way, he imitiates us, etc...So this is all what makes it so confusing because now that his speech is caught up, I feel like I have to now worry about these bizarre habits. 

I just don't know what to make of this, and it is really upsetting me. It just feels like it's always something and just feel angry that I couldn't just have a worry free time now that his speech is fine. 

Just curious if anyone has any sort of insight on this.  Maybe it's a sensory disorder?  



Re: So confusing

  • It took dh and I a long time to come to terms with the fact that ds is different than most kids his age.  When he was around 2,  I remember breaking out in a sweat in the pedi's office while filling out the autism checklist.  It wasn't even something I wanted to comprehend, but now the older he gets, the more we just have to face it.  It is what it is.  I actually think it's easier to explain to others, the fact he has asd, especially when he starts doing his obsessive behavior like opening and closing doors, and trying to turn off and on the light switches. 

    The scariest thing is the unknown.  I wish I had a crystal ball to see what the next 15 years are going to bring, but I think any parent would say that, even with kids who aren't more special needs.

    I think it's great your lo doesn't need to the speech anymore.  Ds still has speech 2 hours a week at preschool, and while it's made a huge difference, I wish he didn't need the services.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond :)


    To clarify - that therapist actually used to work solely at an autistic services place, so she does have experience.  And she mentioned the spinning as an initiation because the days he does it, seem to only be the days the other boy is there.   It does seem to be a connection to him seeing that kid spinning, and my son spinning.  He never does it when he doesn't see him.  Unless it's just a coincidence!

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  • The unknown is so difficult. My son who is 7 has always been a bit different. We began with a severe speech delay at age 2 which cleared and now have a dx of ADHD and PDD-NOS. MANY professionals told me Trev was not on the autism spectrum even though I felt he was; he did not receive the dx until last year.  Just try to accept who he is; it's so tough, but I have learned over time that it really is best. Good luck.
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