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Hi Ladies,

Very happy to be back on the PgAL board after only a brief visit back in October.  3rd BFP came on Wednesday and I feel great! And by great I mean my boobs are sore, I'm super tired, and I'm craving jalepenos - never thought I'd be so happy to feel Pg symptoms :-)

My question is - after one MC @ 8w2d and one CP, should anything go differently in terms of my OB visits? What have you ladies experienced?  I'm wondering if I should be getting checkups more frequently, or u/s more often to check for heartbeat (especially since my MC was a missed MC, so we didn't know anything was wrong until weeks later).

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to hopefully a long stay here on the PgAL board and getting to know you ladies on your journies.



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Re: Intro and Question

  • Just wanted to say welcome to the board and congrats! I don't have any advice because I had a late loss, but I'm sure you'll get lots of good info here.
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  • I wondered if I would have more frequent visits, too but my OB didn't see the need.  I didn't have any testing or anything done but I also didn't find out I was pregnant last time until I was 7 weeks and didn't see my OB until 9 weeks which was farther than I had made it before.  I did go through 12 weeks once but the baby stopped growing at 8.  I think it all depends on the OB but usually they don't get worried until you've had 3 mc's which I think is ridiculous!  Congrats on the BFP!  I hope this is your sticky baby and that you have a nice, long stay here!
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  • congrats and welcome!!  some doctors are more willing to do things like betas and earlier u/s for PgAL patients.  All my losses (and BFPs) came after seeing an RE so we're watched more closely at the start anyway.
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  • I don't have any advice, but congrats and welcome back!
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  • imageblessedhope:
    Just wanted to say welcome to the board and congrats! I don't have any advice because I had a late loss, but I'm sure you'll get lots of good info here.

    This. Happy to have you! 

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