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? for Successful VBAC Moms...

When did you go into labor with your second {VBAC} baby?

Especially those of you who never had a trial of labor with your first c-section baby?

I am a VBAC hopeful, with today being my due date. I never went into a trial of labor with my first - scheduled c section at 39 weeks {due to suspected large size}. I feel like a sitting duck with a clock ticking in my ear. My back-up c section date is at 41 weeks....so I have a week to get this girl to move out on her own! I have tried everything except for castor oil, which I honestly don't plan to try.

Thoughts? Inspiring stories? Encouragement? Anything!!!?  

Re: ? for Successful VBAC Moms...

  • No experience. Just wanted send you labor vibes and say good luck!  FWIW I drank a WHOLE bottle of castor oil at 40w5d with DD and it did nothing :)


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  • I'm not a success story (yet) and my previous delivery was unexplained preterm labor, but now that the focus has switched from keeping baby in to getting baby out without a medical induction, I'm on a daily regimen of drinking red raspberry leaf tea, walking, and sex (not daily - ha - but when I muster up the energy). I also have an appointment in a week with a prenatal masseuse that is trained in where pressure points are to help start labor.

    Castor oil is said to be effective because it acts like a laxative and gets the digestive system moving, which helps start contractions. I've found red raspberry leaf tea to have that effect and isn't as gross ;-)

    Good luck and come back and share if you find something that works for you! 

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  • I went into labor with my VBAC baby at 40 wks 3 days after having my membranes stripped by my OB that morning. I didn't go to hospital until midnight and ended up having baby in the evening of the next day.
    daughter born June 2011 via C-Section, son born November 2012 via VBAC
  • TBH baby is going to come when they're ready.  You might explore removing the scheduled RCS (unless you have some other complications that do pose a medical risk or something) as healthy babies come past 41 weeks all the time and I certainly wouldn't want the stress of an early deadline looming over my head.  That's not helpful! 

    As far as things to do, I think the best thing you can do is try to get baby into optimal fetal positioning.  Things like walking, pelvic rocks, exercises on spinningbabies.com, chiropractic care can all help with that.  

    I've also seen people have success with acupuncture.  


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  • I ended up being induced with my VBAC baby at 41 weeks (the hospital wouldn't allow me to go longer).  The VBAC was a success.

    With my first baby, I did go into labor on my own at 41w1d.  He was over 10 lbs but my c/s was due to malpositioning (he was on his cord and we couldn't get him off) and not size.  I didn't labor long though.  Immediately after my water broke, he started having issues (I was still at home at the time). But everything turned out fine!

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  • DD 39w6d no ROM, CS for no good reason

    DS 38w, SROM, VBAC
  • My 1st was a planned c/s because of positioning at 39wks. My VBAC came on her own at 41w3d, healthy and happy! Up to that point I was tightly closed and not effaced at all. But after a 32hr labor, she came. Give your babe as much time as possible! They will come!

    Luckily my dr didn't even discuss the possibility of a RCS until I was almost 41w, then he let me pick where I felt most comfortable. I had it scheduled for 41w6d.
    DS 5.5 years old. DD 3.5 years old. Jellybean EDD 8/18/13.
  • My cs baby came at 41w4d after trying every non medical induction technique in the book, minus castor oil. Foley bulb finally got contractions going but my cervix wasn't dilating.

    My VBAC baby came at 40w1d after a few days of prodromal labor. My water broke on my due date. I wasn't doing much to try to get things going because I thought it would stress me out and make things worse. I was drinking a lot of RRL tea and doing lots of pelvic rocks though.

    Is induction a possibility? I would have been induced at 41w6d if it came to that. I never scheduled a RCS.
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  • I had a successful vbac at 38 weeks 6 days.  Same time I went into labor with my first.  I never got the trail of labor because I had planned on having a c section due to size estimate.  I went into labor the day before my scheduled surgery and when I checked into the hospital we decided to stick with the original plan.  She was born 9lbs 9oz.  I was diagnosed with GD my second pregnancy and had a 7 lb 10oz baby girl by vbac.  Since I never got the trail of labor I wasn't sure if I should go for the vbac, but I am so glad I did.  Delivery could not have gone better.  Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope your little one comes soon.
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  • My dr never mentioned RCS as he induces for VBAC at 41w5d. Although we never even discussed induction really. I simply asked what the policy was in my first tri.
  • I went into labor with my VBAC at 40w3d. I had my 40w appt on Tuesday (40w2d) and was 2cm and 70% effaced, with my RCS planned for 40w5d.  I was distraught with my lack of progress, and cried all that day.  The dr tried as best she could to strip my membranes.  That night/next morning my water broke and my labor started. 

    I recommend sex, nipple stimulation, and praying for a low pressure weather system. 

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  • I went into labor with my VBAC baby the day before my due date.  I had been having contractions off and on since 33 weeks.  With my c-section baby, I never went into labor on my own and was induced with her at 39w1d due to high blood pressure.  I only had a few contractions before that induction.  I made it all the way through labor and to pushing with her before fetal distress caused the c-section.

    Walking & bouncing on an exercise ball helped me.  GL and hopefully all goes well!

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  • I've never gone into labor on my own. DD#1 was induced at 42 weeks.  DD#2(my VBAC) was induced at 40wks3dys because of hospital restriction.  I went out of my way to find a provider who would allow me to have some pitocin, since I don't seem to be able to start labor on my own.

    Don't totally rule out castor oil.  While it didn't get my labor started, it did clean me out nicely.  And it's not as disgusting as some say.

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  • I had a c-section at 39 weeks for presentation. MyVBAC was 40+5.I had a c-section scheduled for 12 hours after he was born.

     You can always delay the c-section. I had no progress even 2 days before delivery. My OB couldn't even strip my membranes. My OB said that he would check me the day before the c-section and if I had progress we could delay it. That relaxed me enough. I never made it to the appointment.

     You can do it. Just don't put yourself on a deadline.

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  •  Ok this is giving me hope! RCS scheduled for 11:30am on Friday...I have another OB appointment Wednesday so I will pray for progress so they are able to strip my membranes this time. I guess I need to look at it as having three more full days+ an overnight for my body to get in gear. I do think I am coming to terms with the possibility of the RCS on Friday which for some reason has relaxed me more so maybe ironically, I will go into labor on my own in the meantime. 

    Thanks for your optimism af2004rn! 



    I had a c-section at 39 weeks for presentation. MyVBAC was 40+5.I had a c-section scheduled for 12 hours after he was born.

     You can always delay the c-section. I had no progress even 2 days before delivery. My OB couldn't even strip my membranes. My OB said that he would check me the day before the c-section and if I had progress we could delay it. That relaxed me enough. I never made it to the appointment.

     You can do it. Just don't put yourself on a deadline.

  • I had a successful VBAC with my DD2 just a few weeks ago.


    with DD1 I was induced at 39weeks for hypertension, and ended up with a c/sect for failure to desend.  I think it was mostly because of the induction, and my body just wasn't ready for labor yet.

    with DD2 I researched and found a doctor willing to give me a chance at a VBAC.  this was very important for me to feel supported by my doctor.  at 39w 4d labor started on it's own and the next morning DD was born vaginally. 

    good luck to you!  i was nervous near the end about labor starting on it's own, i walked alot, moved alot, drank tons of water, ate pineapple, drank lots of tea, and lots and lots of sex... i think that's mainly what helped.

  • I never fully shared my birth story, but here are some highlights. Prodromal labor for 12 weeks followed by an early morning of tossing and turning stronger contractions at 39w2d. No dilation but soft. They only kept me because LO's hr was crazy. Anyway a few hours later I was only at 12 cm. broke water, only made it to 4 cm till 11 pm. At shift change the news doctor pushed a section as soon as he came in. We refused but he also refused any pitocin. At 11 after praying with a friend we consented to the cs. I was about to be wheeled to OR but asked to be checked again and was complete. He asked if I wanted to push. What a miracle! 24 hours of labor with no progress before that.
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