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Working while pregnant with triplets

Hi Ladies!

I was just wondering how long you were able to work when you were pregnant with triplets?

I am 18 weeks and I am already feeling super exhausted by the end of the day... getting though today has been rough!  I am a nurse- and although my coworkers have been awesome about letting me sit more- do more paperwork/phone calls I am still pooped!! 

I don't know if I am just hitting a bit of a wall and it will get better... or if this is the beginning of my body telling me to slow down? 


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Re: Working while pregnant with triplets

  • I worked part-time until 22 weeks.  I was glad I stopped when I did- I had a little time to get the nursery ready, organize the house, etc, before I really felt like I had to take it easy.  Being pregnant with triplets is a whole different thing than being pregnant with 1- you really need to listen to your body and REST as much as you can.  Keeping those little ones baking for as long as you can is your number one priority!
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  • Sorry not pg w/triplets but can your doctor put you on restricted duty and have you do a desk job 100% of the time? I can't imagine going much longer having to be on your feet a good part of the day.

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  • I worked FT until 28 weeks, and then PT until 32 weeks. But I have a low-stress desk job! I don't know how long I would have lasted with a job like a nurse. Certainly not as long as I did! Listen to your body...
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  • I'm a physical therapist. I worked until 19.5 weeks at which point I went into preterm labor for the 1st time. I had been feeling off for a week and thought I had a uti. I worked In the am and then went for my anatomy scan. At the appointment they hooked me up to the contraction monitor and I was having regular contractions. They pulled me out of work and I was put on bed rest. I made it to 31.5 weeks before I delivered. 

    My body was telling me I needed to rest and I didn't listen initially. Listen to your body, you won't regret leaving work early and allowing yourself to rest when you think it is time.


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  • I worked my desk job until almost 23 weeks...wish I would have let my Doc take me out at 20 like he wanted to. Taking it easy and resting as much as possible will only help bake those babies longer.
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  • I am also a nurse but I was no having triplets, just twins!  I remember starting to feel that way around 18 weeks.  I also started getting pitting edema at 20 weeks after working.  Honestly if you have a physically active job, I would say your days are numbered.  I had planned on taking myself off work around 28-30 weeks, but due to complications I had to go on modified bed rest at 22 weeks.  Listen to your body if it's telling you to slow down, listen.  Unfortunately pre-term labor is a real risk with multiples especially triplets and it's just not worth it.  Remember you only get one chance to bake these LOs.
  • I lucked out with timing, I am a teacher and summer vacation began when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I never went back to work and immediately put myself on modified bedrest.  I carried the babies to 35w4d.  My babies spent from 8 to 10 days in the NICU before coming home.  I don't know if it was all the bedrest and crazy eating that helped or if I was just very very lucky.  I totally get the exhaustion, I was wiped all the time but had such bad insomnia throughout my pregnancy.  So glad to hear your coworkers are helping you out.  I started getting contractions (sometimes intense and frequently) from week 23 and on so I know there is no way I could have worked past 23 weeks.  Best wishes to you!
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