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2nd Shower, 10yrs since 1st


Re: 2nd Shower, 10yrs since 1st

  • sorry...I posted what you said because I actually couldn't agree more.  My point was that people keep saying it is not proper etiquette. There are so called experts on every side of this issue so it is easy to find a POV that agrees no matter where you stand. (Trust me...I don't live my life by Emily Post or those claiming to share her vision.)


    If your friends want to do this for you enjoy!  Don't worry about what other people think.  There will always be people with an opinion.


    Happy and healthy babies to all!




  • I've also been reading about everyone's opinion on 2nd showers - and I'm going to stop very soon because so many people here are rude and terribly opinionated. I personally don't care what any of these people think - none of them will be involved with anything in my life.

     I am pregnant with baby #3. I was remarried in March and this was beyond unexpected. My kids are almost 17 and 15, so of course I don't have any baby stuff anymore - which IS NOT THE POINT. I was asked by several people - family from each side, friends - about having a shower, and my BF and cousin insist on having one for me.

    My first shower was a combo baby/wedding shower (I was planning my wedding when I found out I was pregnant), so my family feels that I was kind of shortchanged the first time. It's not about gifts per se, other than some folks wanting to help us, wanting to feel a part of new baby's life by contributing and being able to purchase the baby's "firsts" - maybe that's just my goofy family.

    I understand advising a "meet the baby" party after, but I personally wouldn't be up for a party any time soon after giving birth, and I won't subject my newborn to such an affair - too loud, crowded, and overwhelming.

    Bottom line - all these negative, holier-than-thou answers really bother me and reinforces why I rarely bother reading through any posts here. Do what YOU want, what YOU feel is right - if people invited agree with these uptight negative witches, than I'm sure they won't bother attending. Screw them.

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  • Ok well I am pregnant with my 3rd. I was thrown a baby shower with my first and my second not my choice, my family now wants to throw me a 3rd.. I personally believe myself that you should have your first baby shower then have a welcome home gathering when the baby is born after that. But my aunt had insisted saying every baby and pregnancy is different and special and diserves a shower. My second shower was a suprise shower. I found out about a 3rd being planned and nipped it in the butt and ended up hurting their feelings. So it is pretty much how you feel about it, it's not like you are throwing your own shower. And don't listen to some of the ignorant comments on here, they clearly don't know how emotional and sensitive pregnant woment can be. No wonder their are so many mean children who bully others in the world. Clearly they pick it up from their parents.. Good luck on everything and congrats on your new baby.
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