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Need Room Advice

I have one boy due in April and my LO will be one month over two when he is born. I am trying to decide if I should move LO to a big boy room and use the nursery for the new baby or keep LO in his room and make a new nursery down the hall. Either option is fine by us and I am primarily concerned with what will be best for my LO now. Any advice? What has/hasn't worked for all of you? Thanks in advance!:)

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  • My new baby hasn't arrived but we moved DS to a bigger room when I found out I was pregnant and are giving baby the nursery.

    I think it's a matter of preference and space.  Just make sure that if you decide to transition you do it sooner than later, b/c you don't want him to associate any changes with the baby (baby took my room, now I'm stuck in this new place, etc).

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  • Like the PP said, if you are going to move him do it soon so he doesn't think he is losing his room because of the baby.

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  • image jesselayne8:
    Like the PP said, if you are going to move him do it soon so he doesn't think he is losing his room because of the baby.
    We're moving DD out of the nursery and will have waited a couple months after DS was born for this reason (and because we couldn't get our acts together enough to do it before he was born). We'll start working on her new room in a couple weeks.
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  • Mine are 24 months apart. We moved ds1 into a big boy room with a toddler bed but weren't really in a hurry. Ds1 was in a bassinet in our room until he was about 5 months.

    Ds1 transitioned much easier than we expected. Walked into the new room one night and decided he would sleep there. He slept the entire night with no problems and has been great since.

  • We are keeping DD in her room.  We put a lot of time and effort into making a beautiful nursery for her.  It's her room and will be until she moves away some day.  We are making the guest bedroom into the new nursery and switching furniture.  All of DD's furniture will go into new LOs room and DD will get some of the furniture from the guest room and some new furniture.  We are keeping the decor the same--I don't plan on changing it until she requests something new.  Striped walls are not easy to paint, LOL.  They are staying that way for as long as possible!
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