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12/28 UPDATE on friend's baby:

I met baby M this morning in the NICU. She's absolutely gorgeous and doing well. They may be able to take out the breathing tube in a few days and start a pic line for feeding today. Mama won't get to hold her for 23 weeks though but she's with her at least. They were told before birth to expect 26 months in the NICU but I've read stories of babies coming home sooner so fingers crossed!

I've posted before about my BFF expecting a baby with a significant birth defect so I thought I'd update today. She delivered this morning and baby was able to cry a little bit before getting a breathing tube, which is at least a sign that her lungs are somewhat strong, even if not as strong as we would like, of course. There were no other complications which is really great. Mama is doing well and in recovery. nbsp;I've seen pictures and she's beautiful. I'm hoping to visit with my friend in the next few hours and hopefully meet the baby tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers that the mama gets to go to the NICU to visit her baby tonight and that baby continues to get stronger and stronger!The next few days will tell us more about how strong the baby's lungs are and I'll let you know when I know more!nbsp;

Re: 12/28 UPDATE on friend's baby:

  • So glad to hear she's doing well. Continued T&P for a strong, healthy little girl!
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  • Glad baby seems to be fighting.  Looking forward to your update.
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  • I'm glad to hear there weren't any additional complications.  It sounds like she's doing well, all things considered.  Please keep us updated and let your friend know that many internet strangers are sending love and support their way.
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  • Go baby girl! Hugs to you and your friend
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  • That's great to hear!! Lots of prayers headed her way. Keep us posted! I know you mentioned a long hospital stay...are there any early estimates for how long she'll be there??
  • Thats great news!

  • Fantastic start! Keep us posted. More TPs their way

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