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Open Letter Thursday!

Write those letters you may never dare to send......

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Re: Open Letter Thursday!

  • To all the rude people of the world,

    I don't appreciate your rude comments about how my son acts if he has a tantrum.  Nor do I appreciate your side eye looks.  Just because he looks totally "normal" doesn't mean he doesn't have challenges.  He has sensory processing disorder and he can't regulate like other kids do, so yes an occassional temper tantrum will ensue.  Did your kid ever have a tantrum?  Bet ya your kids was a lot longer than mine.  So don't make rude and un called for comments or look at my like I am some lazy ass mom who lets her kid act out of control.  He is 2 yrs old with a few issues, I address every single behavior he has and don't ignore them as some other parents might do, so lay off.  Until you know, don't judge us.  We have special kids, not "bad" kids and maybe a little understanding and compassion for those of us who have to deal every single day with them, might not hurt either.  So take your damn judgements and looks and comments and stick em where the sun don't shine.


    One sick and tired mom.

  • Dear God,

    Shouldn't you have made me pass a test before making me a mother? This shizt is hard!!

    A child given more than she can handle

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  • Dear Self

    Stop driving yourself crazy with the "what could it be" "what should I do" 's..you are not there yet. You start speech with an awesome therapist who has food and spectrum backgrounds. It's ok that you can't fix it, stop researchg because you won't find answers. It's ok to flop from in denial, to omg, to just being S's mom - she just needs that last part right now. Give it up to God....please! Speaking of, it may feel like it but you are not alone in this, act like God is your sounding board. Be patient and just be a loving mom - you will be given your guidence soon by the pros.

    Also you will have a life outside of mom and mom of a kid with different needs and that is ok. You will get out here and there and meet people and not feel guilty - it is ok for you to have a life too. It is OK!

    Signed - easier said than done lady

    Dear interium Pedi next month,

    Please be the one who listens so I don't have to scream these issues anymore. Food allergies are real, allergies and family histories are real, delays are real, I am not crazy mom, I am trying to figure it out now to give my kid the best she can be. Please oh please be the one who listens.

    The not crazy mom

    Dear God

    Take this for a while, I am tired. Let me let you take this.

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