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Anyone else relieved...

that Christmas is now over? Phew...

It was a lot of fun and all, especially with Miles at such a fun age, but this month has worn me the heck out! Between birthdays, traveling, and all the holiday festivities, I woke up this morning feeling really freaking glad that it was all done!  



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Re: Anyone else relieved...

  • YES! Though I still have Jericho's Bday party in 4 days. Can't wait for Jan. to get here!
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  • Yes! Now if only my house would clean itself i'd be happy.
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  • I am! This December was kind of crazy. 5th Daphne was born, 8th is my anniversary, 10th was Thorsten's 2nd b-day, house is under construction, missed Christmas Eve, went to Christmas Day and ended up with the stomach flu that night. Yup, I'm so over December!
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  • Aww, I'm actually a little sad all the fun is over. Crying

    You're right, though. It's been a really crazy busy fall for us, so it will be nice getting into a more normal, consistent routine again after next week.

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  • I'll be relieved when we're done with E's party on Saturday. I love the holidays but they are exhausting! Plus I've come down with a touch of the flu which is always lovely.
  • I'm exhausted and ready for our lives to be back to normal I need to get my house clean so we can have Jared's party Saturday. I'm thinking next year we'll just go to the zoo or McDonald's or something lol.

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  • We still have his birthday tomorrow, and his party on Saturday so we're not done yet.  I'm a little sad that the big day is over - it was a lot of fun this year.
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  • We're almost to the end! I'm waiting for the second week of Januray so I can finally breathe.

    We had Christmas with my family from the 22nd to the 23rd, Christmas Eve and Christmas day at our house, DH and DS1's birthday on the 26th, then I had my wisdom teeth removed today and will be out of commission for 48hrs. Then during the first full week of January, DS1's birthday party, Christmas with the IL's, and three kings day will be happening.
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