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How did your DH handle today? When my DH and I were on our way to the McDonald house he completely broke down! The house is across the street from the hospital where Athena died and he just couldnt handle it. So he stayed in the car while I prepared dinner. Poor guy
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  • We both did really well on Christmas day (I'm still shocked by that).  Christmas Eve we went to church with his family and between the babies all over the place and the fact that they sang "Silent Night" not just once, which would have been bad enough, but twice, DH and I both lost it.


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  • Christmas was better than I thought it would be. Christmas Eve mass was tough for us too. I was looking forward to showing off Hunter at mass. Baby Jesus in the nativity was 6 weeks old and that is how old Hunter would have been. Your right there were a lot of babies in church. Although going was tough it also gave me peace. Dh gave me an iPad mini and said it was from Hunter so I could put Hunter's pictures on it. This was very thoughtful as I only have a work computer and was worried about losing my pictures. My DH really tried to make the day special because he knew it would be so hard.
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  • DH tried to put up a strong front for me, and he tried so hard to hide crying from me, but I caught him!  He didn't act himself, and I know he was having a super tough time. 

    We talked about (brought up by DH) who would of held DS the most that day, what gifts he would of gotten and the fun traditions we would have started. That made us both cry! 

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  • DH was trying to put up a good front, until I completely lost it. My little meltdown had him taking care of me and then losing it too. We had a good cry, and then off we went to be with family.  However, seeing all of our family crying and giving us hugs was a bit hard. Everyone was looking forward to meeting Elsie too. 

    Our cousins had their new baby there, and we did much better than I expected we would holding him. DH just suprises me at times with what he is thinking or feeling in a moment, because he doesnt always tell me. Then when he does, it makes me cry at his tenderness and his pain in missing our daughter.

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