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No baby pics :

This is my first pregnancy and so far everything has been fine. Not much sickness or pain. I am 16 weeks as of yesterday and I still haven't had any ultrasounds that give the mother pics. In fact I have only had one at 7 weeks but they said that baby was to small so they don't give out pics. My next one is for the sex reveling at 20 weeks. I feel like everyone got their first ones earlier then that, and I'm not very happy with my doc about it. Was hoping for some to show at Christmas.

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  • Yeah, it's pretty typical to not get pictures before twenty weeks. With my first, I got a picture at 9 weeks, but it literally looks like a jelly bean, so I don't think you are really missing out on too much. Next time around though just tell them you would prefer to get those early pictures as well, they really aren't going to fight and not give you one single picture. But I do have to say trying to show a person those early pics is difficult, because they aren't developed hardly at all, so it doesn't look like anything yet.
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  • That's a bummer. I got pictures at my 10 week appt and my nt scan.
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  • my ogyn gave me mine at every check up.

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