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Update to LCH

I posted a few weeks ago about my coworker's son having a fever since May that did not go away. He was finally diagnosed the week before Thanksgiving with LCH Langerhans' cell Histiocytosis.

On Thanksgiving they had to rush him to the hospital and he's been there every since. He's been in and out of ICU. The first round of chemo caused him severe pain but the second round went a little better. He's having difficulty breathing due to the disease. His spleen was enlarged but the chemo has made it go down. He'll receive chemo for a year.  Any ideas of what I can give her 2 1/2 year so he can use/have in the hospital?

Re: Update to LCH

  • Heart breaking to read. A reminder that my DS was very lucky in not needing further treatment.  I would suggest anything that is portable (not a lot of small pieces) that will help keep him occupied. Maybe those crayola set with the special markers? Trains or small matchbox cars. It's great that you want to help. I hope the DS affected recovers soon. 
  • P-
    I am so sorry to hear about your coworker's son!  I hope that since it was caught early, that there is a good prognosis!


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