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Doctor recs in Bangor area?

I'm new to the site as well as the town I'm in, so please bear with me... I just moved to Bangor from the Augusta area, shortly after conceiving (but a while before discovering that I had!) and I don't really know anyone here other than my boyfriend and our roommate, let alone anyone I would ask about OB/GYN or GP recommendations. My family doesn't know yet (my mom is getting a t-shirt that says 'great moms get promoted to grandmas' for Christmas) so I haven't even thought about going Facebook public, thus I couldn't crowdsource that way. Can any of you ladies help me out?

 Due to recent unemployment, it would need to be an office that accepts Mainecare (I am still awaiting approval, but I can't imagine they would deny me, with proof of pregnancy) and is accepting new patients, obviously. I'm eight weeks pregnant now, so it's really about time that I get on the ball with this! I am also looking for a job, on the off-chance anybody knows someplace that is hiring...

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Re: Doctor recs in Bangor area?

  • Dr. Vance Aloupis and Dr. Joseph Benoit are two of the most popular and highly recommended OB/Gyns in Bangor. I've been going to Dr. Aloupis for years and I really like him, most of my friends go to Dr. Benoit.   
  • I saw Dr. Renaldi for my second pregnancy and I absolutely loved her. I had major anxiety issues and she helped tremendously. Cute little Italian lady! Her office is on Mnt. Hope Ave.
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  • I see Dr. Aloupis, he actually delivered me. He is a fantastic doctor, the best according to the OB nurses I have talked to at EMMC. Oh and Aloupis accepts Mainecare, I have a friend who was on it with three children and she had all of them with him. Good luck and welcome to the area :-)

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  • Hello! Congrats and welcome to the Bangor area! I used a midwife (Debbie Hill Hunter) who works out of Dr. Smith office on Essex St, she is AMAZING. She see you at every single visit and guarantees to also deliver your little one. (Most Dr's around here are on a rotation so its pure luck if you actually get the Dr you have seen for your visits for your delivery) She made my husband and I feel so comfortable and confident going into this crazy journey, she took the time in the office and never made us feel rushed, she answers her cell phone day or night with any question or concern you may have. We are now preggo with baby number 2 and I can't imagine anyone else delivering my babies. She delivers at EMMC and doesn't deter you from using an epidural or Pitocin if that’s what you ask. She is one the best people. Ask any delivery nurse and they will tell you great she is to work with and to her patients!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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