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This can't wait until Wednesday

A long, long time ago... Okay, in August, we got Lily a Zip Zac (link below)


We were so excited because Lily was doing a great job spinning in her exersaucer, and sitting in her bumbo, we thought the Zipzac would be Lily's key to independent mobility. But, when the chair came in, and we finally put Lily in it, she did nothing. We put the zipzac in the kitchen (where there is laminate), we took the zipzac to therapy, we did hand over hand (even though Lily hates that), we provided motivation to move, and for weeks, she did nothing.

So, eventually, the Zipzac was moved back into the livingroom (where there is carpet), and became an overpriced bumbo. I was convinced we made a mistake. But, then, on Tuesday, at therapy, Lily became very interested in a stander with wheels. She put her hands on the wheels and moved them back and forth, back and forth (not realizing she had to take her hands off and and push again if she wanted to continue forward). We (her therapists and I) were very excited, and her therapists suggested we try the zipzac again. And, well, I am happy to announce that today Lily moved across the kitchen all by herself.

This is seriously the best Christmas present ever. I know it might take a while to build up her endurance and strength, but I am excited about the prospects this opens up. There are several great Children's museums close by and I just cannot wait to take her, and have her explore all on her own.

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