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alternative vaccine schedule doctor

Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Pittsburgh area that respects an alternative vaccine schedule?  We've just been informed by Community Pediatrics (Penn Ave) that they are discussing asking patients who don't follow their vaccine schedule to leave.

I'll drive anywhere for a good doctor who respects what I have to say, so it doesn't matter if its north, south, east or west.



Re: alternative vaccine schedule doctor

  • FTM here... We were looking for the same and were recommended to check out Pediatric Associates of Westmoreland. The office is in Irwin on rt 30. Our LO is still baking, so I can't share experience, but this is the office we are going to start with.

    website is 

  • I don't know how much variance they will allow, however, Kids Plus in Squirrel Hill has allowed us to space out our vaccines a bit, doing only 1 a week. They also have had some of the preservative free ones, like the flu. 
  • We're spacing out the vaccines so no more than 2 at a visit.  We go to Community Pediatrics in Greensburg.  All of the doctors in the practice are ok with it.
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  • We do an alternate vaccine schedule. We see Dr Donnelly at the Cranberry Township office of Pediatric Alliance and he is great. He discusses with us but never pushed anything on us or tries to make me feel like I am ruining my child by not vaccinating or delaying.
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