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Looking for "liberal" pediatrician

We haven't started all of the research yet, but DH and I know that we are not going to just do the blanket list of vaccines.  We'd like to find a pediatrician who is understanding of this and will work with us on which vaccines we choose to allow.  Any recommendations?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Looking for "liberal" pediatrician

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    I don't know any, but I would definitely do your research if you do not want your child to have all the vaccines.  I know the pediatrician we interviewed and chose would tell you not to use her practice if you don't want to do all the vaccines. I am sure they see this a lot in Austin. Do you think it causes Autism?
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    Our pediatrician is very understanding of parents wishes when it comes to vaccines (lots of people I know are on a delayed schedule. We go to Dr Grant at Beansprout pediatrics in Lakeway
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