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uterine abnormalities

So I had a question for anyone who may be familiar with uterine abnormalities... I have had an MRI, and an HSG and the doctors have deemed that I have a bicornuate uterus.... (I have had to do ivf not only because of the uterine abnormality but also due to pcos..) anyways... It is my understanding that typically early first-tri losses are associated more with a septum and NOT a bicornuate... that the embryos are likely attaching to the septum and therefore have trouble to further develop... it is thought this may of been my case with my twin pregnancy loss... one attached to the middle and one attached correctly (hudson)... I'm going in this Friday for a uterine scope... Any thoughts?
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Re: uterine abnormalities

  • My sister in law had many 45 early miscarriages before the septum was discovered. Once the septum was removed she became pregnant easily and had no other complications. I don't know if that helps but that is all the experience I have.....
  • I have a bicornuate and have carried 2 healthy pregnancies we lost Andrew because of his heart, not a pregnancy issue. Now we have been trying for over a year and no dice. I know this doesn't really answer your question though. It is quite possible that your embies are just implanting on the septum, no matter how small it may be.
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