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how do I support a friend (loss)

I suffer with infertility and chronic miscarriages so I know the pain that it brings, but my best friend went in on Sunday to be induced at 37 weeks because after a month on bed rest her blood pressure was endangering her health. At 5pm I sent her a message telling her I was thinking about her and can't wait to hear any updates. At 6:30 she sent me a message back saying she is not up for visitors and that her little boy's heart rate dropped and that they were unable to get it back, he didn't make it. I have wept for her for what seems like forever but I do not know how to be there for her, support her or what to even get her. I was thinking I would buy her a locket so she can keep a picture of her precious angel but I do not want to be inaapropriate. Any advice? And Thank you for shariing your heart ache so others can better support and understand.

Re: how do I support a friend (loss)

  • There's an FAQ posted at the top of the page that has helpful advise on what to do and what not to do.  Jewelry is always a nice gesture.  Sorry for your friend's loss.  Feel free to direct her to this board for support.


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  • You may also want to read our blog, it has a lot of helpful information. 

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