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It's times like these I miss a support system from home

Dd fractured a bone in her arm last week, and has a plaster cast on. It's terribly uncomfortable in the heat (like meltdown screaming uncomfortable), so I can't bring her in to daycare. Hopefully later this week she'll get a lighter more comfortable cast when we see the specialist - but until then - she needs to be home. I don't have any backup care, SIL is working, FIL is having some medical issues, so they can't come up any earlier than planned for xmas (coming Saturday), dh is too senior to take time off at this time of the year, so *sigh* I have to work with my boss to take sick / work from home / etc.

I wish my family was here so they could help out :(

Re: It's times like these I miss a support system from home

  • First off, I'm so sorry your DD is hurt. :-( That has to be miserable in and of itself. Not having a support system is awful. We're really hoping things go well with the birth of this LO and are basically having to rely on our nanny to come and watch DD for the pushing stage / c/s, but the nanny has another job in the afternoons that we can't ask her to take time off from, so if LO comes in the afternoon then we don't really have a plan B. I've already half fixed in my mind that DH won't be there for this birth.

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  • First, I am so sorry about your DD's arm! I hope it heals quickly for her.  It is tough not having a built in support system and I sympathise with you.

    I hope this week flies by for you until your inlaws and she gets the lighter cast later in the week! ::Hugs::



    sibling love  

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  • I'm so sorry for you and your DD. I know how that feels. I really miss my mom when we are in a pinch and need last minute help. Like when DH is on a work trip and DS gets a stomach bug and then gives it to me.

    Like Kelly123 we have some challenges with even finding someone to watch our DS when we have this baby. I do have some mom friends I can ask/have asked but I so wish my mom or sister were definitely going to be here. 

  • Oh gosh Kelly & bandwife - GL finding someone to watch you dc while delivering your second - I hope it all works out for you and your dh can be with you!!!

    I'm very lucky that my boss said it was ok to work from home this week, so that has worked out ok. I found out though that we don't go in to see the specialist until next Monday - so a full week left of wearing this big heavy cast. Oh well, at least we're seeing a children's specialist, I did go to the GP yesterday though, so I could get things explained a bit more - as the ER doc's english wasn't great and she didn't explain much. I feel much better about it all now - 4 days until ILs get here, then at least I'll have some help during the day while I do the xmas cooking!! :)

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