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Over 35, overweight, VBAC possible?

When baby #2 gets here, I will be 38 years old.  I am also about 40 lbs overweight.  I had to have a c-section with my first because he was nearly 10 lbs and wasn't budging. 

I would like to attempt a VBAC but have read several articles recently stating that women with the above listed factors should not attempt it....too risky.  Has anyone here been in a similar situation and still had a successful VBAC? 

Re: Over 35, overweight, VBAC possible?

  • Well, I'll be 36 and I'm probably 40 lbs overweight and I'm attempting a 2VBAC.  I was almost 34 and probably 25 lbs overweight with DD#2. 
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  • I am 35, about 30lbs overweight and had a successful VBAC in June.  DD#2 was a full pound lighter than DD#1.  Yes, you may be statistically less likely to suceed (like 60% instead of 67%, or whatever).  Just remember, there's no way to predict how any birth in particular will go.  And honestly, I was perfectly happy with 50% odds.  That's really not that bad.

    My midwife has an extremely high VBAC success rate, because her patients are dedicated to success and so is she.  I think that's more important then any statistic.

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  • Thank you for your input.  My Dr. said she was willing to entertain the idea of a VBAC so long as the baby was measuring a normal size (not over 8 lbs) though she didn't seem all that enthused about it. I still want to give it a go so we'll just wait and see.
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