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Postpartum Depression

Question: Second time Moms

I am pregnant with baby #2 and I had really bad postpartum depression with my daughter. I was wondering if those who had postpartum depression with baby #1 had it after baby #2.  

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  • Yes. I expected it every pregnancy and prepared for it to be safe. It's best to talk to your OB about how to prevent if your ppd was sever the last time. Good luck:)
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  • I have heard that you could be totally fine with a second baby. I didn't have it with my first, but had it with my second. The important thing is that you know that warning signs and you can act quickly if you feel yourself slipping.

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  • I had it after my first, but not my second. I changed jobs I between babies, and I think the high stress job I had right after DS1 was a major contributor to my PPD. Once the job situation was less stressful, I had an easier time dealing with new baby stress. I will say that I continued to see the therapist I saw after DS1 through my pregnancy with DS2 and for several months after his birth just as a way to take extra care of my mental health. I think it helped :. Good luck. The best thing about baby no. 2 is that so many of the things that were overwhelming and scary the first time were less so when I knew what to expect.
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