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Recommend your home cleaning service

We are in the Meyerland area and I finally convinced the hubby that I need help with the heavy house cleaning. We are expecting in August and have a 14 month old baby girl keeping me busy!

Recommend your cleaning service. I am looking to have them come every two weeks or so starting ASAP!


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Re: Recommend your home cleaning service

  • Stay away from the big chains. We recently made that mistake (and signed a contract) because I didn't feel comfortable hiring an individual and wanted a service. I wish I would have done more research because shortly after I was able to find a few local services at half the price with raving reviews. I would recommend doing a google search for "cleaning services Meyerland" and see if any services come up that are outside of the major chains.
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  • We like Maid in the Shade.  They have done a great job for us.
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  • We use Houston Green Maids and they are wonderful!  Great service and reasonable pricing.  They are very thorough, they even do the sheets and inside appliances.  Plus, a great bonus...they clean with green products.
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