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Hospitals with water birth option

Hey all. I live in Geneva (FAR east side) but wouldn't mind driving to find a hospital that offers water births. I've already looked into Geauga, Hillcrest, and Lake, but they don't seem to offer it.

I'm wondering if Cleveland just isn't trendy enough :( 

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Re: Hospitals with water birth option

  • When I had my son in 2009 hillcrest had two tubs. I delivered at UH MacDonald and used a tub. Try there.
  • It would be about an hour drive but I know Lakewood has it for sure.
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  • St. John Westshore does waterbirthing.
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  • wow you do live far out. i was wondering the same. lol Yeah Cleveland isnt very trendy at all.
  • I am in Lake County and have been looking for the same thing! Cleveland is so behind on natural options!! I have heard wonderful things about St John West Shore and I have also heard they have a great group of midwives. I also looked into Lake Health systems however they told me they do not have any birth tubs. I was also told downtown UH Macdonald women's hospital has birth tubs. 
  • I would like to believe that Northeast Cleveland is the most trendy in the areas of all Cle. I will be having my third child with the Lakewood Midwives at Cleveland Clinic. Since 2004 I have gone with them and this one is scheduled to be a water birth and I can't wait! So definitely check out the Cleveland Clinics as they are expanding alomost all over the area.
  • St. John's Hospital in Westlake has an AWESOME water birthing program and a waterbirthing suite that is TO DIE FOR! I had a waterbirth there in September, and have not one complaint :
  • Yes, St. John's Westshore has a group of midwives that are outstanding. I see Colleen Brezine, she walked me through my labor as though she was feeling everything that I felt. She is truly the best! They were all super supportive of my birth plan and actually followed it while I was in labor. I switched over to westshore midwifery in my 26th week after an awful experience with a Dr. at Cleveland Clinic. My only regret is that I wish I had gone to Westshore Midwifery at the beginning of my pregnancy.
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