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Is this common?

As I was getting out of the shower, I felt very nauseous and dizzy. I then found myself kneeling on the floor. I think I either blacked out or fainted.

Re: Is this common?

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    That doesn't sound common to me.
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    I have gotten very light headed and experienced shortness of breath as well in the shower/out of the shower. I just spoke to my doctor about this last week. It is very common she said.The doctor referered to it as "Vasovagal". She said that a hot room or taking a hot bath or shower can cause your blood vessels to dilate, lowering your blood pressure and making you dizzy. I now leave the bathroom door open so it doesn't get so hot and i turned the water to a slighter cooler temperature as well as to not over heat. I haven't had any more episodes since.
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    I am not a doctor but from everything I've read, depending on how far along you are I would say that is normal. Your body increases it's blood volume by almost 50 percent while you are pregnant which can leave you a little dizzy upon standing. I realize getting out of the shower is not exactly the same as standing but as long as your dizziness does not cause fainting I wouldn't be concerned. So walk and stand a little slower while your pregnant. If you are concerned though you should always consult with your doctor at your next check up! Hope this helped! :)
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