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How did you acknowledge your due date?

I realize this doesn't apply to those who had full term babies, but if you had a second-or-early third trimester loss, what did you do on the due date?  Mine is coming up and though it is a weekday and H and I will be working, I'd like to do something special.  It is going to be a tough day.  Any ideas?
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Re: How did you acknowledge your due date?

  • Honestly, I cried the entire morning. I got my DS up, got him fed, put on the TV and cried for an hour. Then I cried on and off the entire day. I was starting the last week of my medical leave, so I didn't have to go to work.

    I knew that day was going to be tough, so I didn't make any plans. I just spent it with DS - we went to the museum, went to the park and kept busy. My mom brought home lunch for me, and we just talked and cried for awhile. Maybe you and H can have a long lunch to break away and remember? Or go to a favorite spot and relax after work [park, quiet spot outside of town]? Sorry I don't have any better ideas...


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  • Mine was during the week as well. We kept it very simple - had dinner and lit 2 candles.  I could not decide on what candle I liked better so I decided to have 2.  I will admit that it actually was not as difficult of a day as the days before were - the anticipation was a lot harder for me.  

     (((Hugs))) to you!!! 

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  • My son was 5 weeks and 1 day early and he actually became an angel on what was supposed to be his due date.  His first Angelversary was just last Monday.  I didn't really set any expectations for myself because I didn't know how I'd be.  DH and I both took the day off of work.  I just tried to keep busy by cleaning and what not.  DH came up with the idea of finally going out and getting the glass case we'd been wanting to get for Corbin's special things (his hand and foot sculpture, lock of hair, outfit we brought him home in and his favorite paci).  We ended up buying 2 boxes and in the other we put some other things.  It was actually therapeutic for us to go through his things and pick out the things that had the most meaning.  We watched the video that played during his funeral.  We started out bawling our eyes out and asking each other who's idea was this?  We ended up laughing and remembering all the funny things he did and his funny quirks (like how he loved his swing - as long as it didn't swing).  We also visited him at the cemetery.  I don't think there's a right or wrong way to acknowledge the day.  Go with whatever feels right and gets you through.



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