Reimbursement from employer

Does anyone have this benefit?  My DH may possibly be joining a company in January which provides adoption reimbursement & I was wondering what all that entailed. 
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Re: Reimbursement from employer

  • My employer offers a $5,000 reimbursement.  We will be eligible for this when our adoption is finalized.  All we have to do is submit our expenses (at least up to that amount) and they will provide the reimbursement.  I'm not clear if this is pre- or post- taxes, but I'm happy with whatever we can get to help with the costs!
  • My company reimburses $3500 per child.

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  • My employer gives $5000 reimbersement  towards adoption costs.  although the exact costs covered seems to be a little vague. 

    I also get my full maternity leave- my employer covers what short term disability would have covered for a birth. 

  • Mine covers legal and agency fees, but no medical/support costs for the birthmother.  It is either not taxed or the amount is after taxes -- I don't remember which (just that no taxes were being taken -- I would get the full amount).
  • Mine gives NADA, zero, zlich, NOTHING...and no maternity leave or FMLA. Yea me! DH's co did offer adoption benefits...and he just got laid off last week. :(
  • Yes. Both of us do, but DH's company just upped the amount to $10K (and yes, we are eternally grateful). He read through the paperwork, and basically we get the reimbursement after the adoption is finalized. We submit receipts and they reimburse. He also has to work there for another 2 years after finalization or we'd have to repay the $.

    Talk to your HR dept. They should be able to give you details for how it works at your company.

    Good luck.

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