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2nd Trimester

Gagging/Throwing up while brushing teeth?!

I NEVER had this problem before I got pregnant. I could brush my teeth, and attack my tongue as far back as I wanted, rinse, gargle with mouth wash, and go on my merry way. But, for about 2+ months now, every time I brush my teeth it's ALL I CAN DO not to throw up, and I gag like I'm being choked. Anyone else experiencing this?? I HAVE actually thrown up twice while brushing my teeth lol GROSS! 

Re: Gagging/Throwing up while brushing teeth?!

  • Yes!!! I now regard brushing my teeth as an act of war. I gag very time and throw up sometimes, too. After which I have to brush my teeth again. It's like a hug.

    I'm not new. I just hate The Bump. 

  • From about 6-18 weeks, I threw up every time I brushed.  At 18 weeks it calmed a little but I still get sick a few times a week.  I have an awful gag reflex ever since being pregnant with DS.  It sucks.  Silly, but sometimes it helps if I sorta sing/talk/hum while brushing.
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  • I gag almost every damn time. I hate it!
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  • Too funny, I do that, too, Doremi29!! lol 

    I've learned that if I stand straight up (I'm usually bending over the sink while brushing) as soon as I feel like I'm actually going to throw up, and start singing a favorite song to myself in my head and/or out loud (lol) it will subside and I can continue brushing!


  • I'm right there with you -- wish I had a solution!
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  • imageflerlgirl:
    Yes!!! I now regard brushing my teeth as an act of war. I gag very time and throw up sometimes, too. After which I have to brush my teeth again. It's like a hug.

    Haha, yes this sums it up. 

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  • This is the worst part for me.  I had NO gag reflex before I got pregnant, and just like you I could brush all around and do my tongue and everything.  I rarely get nauseous/vomit any other time during the day, but I vomit EVERY morning during AND for 5-10 minutes after brushing my teeth.  It is absolutely horrible.  Eating beforehand doesn't help.  I actually switched to a childrens' toothbrush for a while, but it didn't help very much.  I honestly don't see it getting better anytime soon.
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  • Ugh yes!  I had it really bad until around 22 or 23 weeks.  I threw up after brushing a few times and gagged a lot more.  I found brushing my teeth in stages helped.  I also switched from an electric toothbrush to a regular toothbrush and that helped too.  Good luck!
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  • Yup, welcome to pregnancy! One of the many things people don't tell you beforehand!
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  • Yes, especially in the morning! It's horrible--but totally normal. 
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  • This happened to me every time I brushed. I am 25 weeks now but don't remember around when it stopped. It was almost like I woke up one morning and it had went away. Thank goodness too! Good luck, hopefully for most of you it will go away soon.
  • I really, really hate this, it's so gross!  The only thing I've changed is that I don't brush my teeth immediately after eating.  I let my food digest a little bit first.  I still gag, but at least my meal doesn't come back up!
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  • try kid toothpaste.  i found the mint toothpaste made the gagging worse.
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  • EVERY time I brush.  I have not thrown up yet but gag everytime.  My doctor just told me to use mouthwash and floss.  I have a dentist appt coming up and I am afraid I might throw up on them!



  • Definitely, this happened in tri-1 for me almost every morning since I was already nauseous. Even now, if I try to reach way back there I gag!
  • Oh yes, had this since about 6 weeks or so.....still going strong :(
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  • This definitely happened to me all the time in first tri and a lot of 2nd tri. It sometimes still happens, but it's a little better.
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  • Whenever I brush my teeth I am fine until I brush the back ones... Always brace myself for the worst when I get to that point.
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  • Yup! I had that too. Its eased off  A LOT in the 2 months, First tri and beginning of the second though I dreaded having to brush my back teeth. It will get better. Hang in there!
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  • I gag every time I brush and every time I blow my nose in the AM. I also gag when I take my prenatals and other vitamins. For brushing, I find that only brushing my teeth (not my tongue) and rinsing with mouth wash before and after helps a lot. I still gag but I haven't puked like I would when I brushed my tongue. Its only temporary, thankfully.

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  • Oh, my goodness. It's the worst, isn't it?! For me, it passed after I got well into my 2nd tri. At least you know it'll be gone for sure after baby is here. But still, SO ridiculously annoying. 
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  • I'm definitely posting belatedly on here but I thought I'd offer my advice to drink some water from the toothbrush immediately after rinsing the toothpaste off to help the nausea/gagging end sooner. I have the same issue as all you ladies and its horrible, it's the only time I threw up during 1st tri. Then I learned that having a few little sips of water eases it a lot quicker for me.
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