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I'm taking the pills tomorrow and am curious as what to expect. My doctor said that it would hurt and prescribed Vicodin, if the pain got too bad. I was only 2 months along when I started bleeding and they told me they couldn't find a heart beat and then again on Tuesday they confirmed that there was no longer a baby there. Does anyone have any advice on this? 

Re: Misoprostol?

  • Sorry for your loss.  You may want to ask this question on the miscarriage/pregnancy loss board, as the ladies here have all had late-term losses.  They'll be better able to answer your question over there.


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  • I had Misoprostol when I was being induced, but I was further along and went through labor, so I also had an epidural.  They gave me that instead of Pitocin because it would apparently stop milk production - but that didn't work.  I took it different ways - a few times, it was between my teeth and cheek and had to dissolve.  However, I developed a fever, so they started giving it to me vaginally. 
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  • I'm sorry to be down but the pill scares me. I took it last time and I will never ever go through that again. It was awful, miserable. :.. thinking about it makes me cry

    Prepare for:
    Excess blood loss as if your peeing your pants, laying down everything
    Pain, lots of it
    Dizziness, weak... I became severely anemic and was put in the hospital for a week
    Buy the biggest pads you can and plan on staying home and have someone close or the father with you..
    Prepare yourself to know clots and tissues will be lost in the toilet..
    I will never forget what I saw.
    Praying for you.
    I have chose the dc this time although I am terrified as well about this decision. Either way it's awful, I'm so sorry for your loss
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  • I forgot to add,
    Makes sure you have old towels to lay under you for a couple days, extra old pants that are comfy, movies, tissues and again someone close to get you drinks or Popsicles etc
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