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Hello Ladies.Welcome to Thursday PAL Check-in! I hope everyone is having a good week. If anyone has any suggestions for questions, please don't be shy!Where are you in your PAL journey? What are some PAL challenges you have faced recently? QOTW: Are you planning any special gifts for your LOs this year?  Open Topic. What is on your mind this week?

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Re: ***PAL Check-In***

  •   Where are you in your PAL journey? Emma is 5.5 months.  I can't believe she's nearly 1/2 a year old!  She was born yesterday, right!?!   What are some PAL challenges you have faced recently? The most difficult one right now is more between DH and I.  He watches her most of the time while I work.  It's taking a toll on him for many reasons.  I've been understanding, but somethings got to give.  I'm exhausted from my nighttime baby duties and working full time.  Instead of settling on a compromise, we're fighting.  I'm trying to do what's best for Emma and us as a family.  Before Emma, a tiff here and there was no big deal.  Now, it just adds that much more stress.   QOTW: Are you planning any special gifts for your LOs this year?  All her gifts are toys.  We chose developmental toys though and up until now she literally only had a handful of toys.  Now that she's more interactive and will be mobile in a month or two we were in need of some sturdy/entertaining toys.    Open Topic. What is on your mind this week? Is this week over yet?  I've been up since 4:45.  I have so much on my mind.  I really wish DH would just make a decision and follow through with it.  I cannot focus at work.  I also decorated the tree by myself.  Pulling out Logan's ornaments was so incredibly sad. 
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  • ** Big hugs JonnysJune, I hope you guys can work through everything soon and find a routine that works best for everyone.

    Where are you in your PAL journey? Raylan is almost 10 weeks!! What are some PAL challenges you have faced recently?  Mostly all of the feeding stuff and my ridiculous mastitis, but we finally were sort of forced into a resolution when the infection just would.not.go.away!  Yesterday I had to have it drained but it still doesn't seem totally normal, at this point I'm just really hoping we don't get to the point where I have to have it really opened by a general surgeon.  The good news is Raylan is doing wonderfully on just formula, we really haven't noticed any changes in him at all other than the nastier poop.  I was worried my happy guy was going to get gassy and angry on just formula, but he's perfectly fine, so that's a big weight off my shoulders. QOTW: Are you planning any special gifts for your LOs this year? DH and I decided to make the gifts more fun for him we'd each get him a few things and open each other's, rather just wrapping and unwrapping things that we know what they are.  So I got him his first ornament with a picture of him on it, a really cute bib and some super cute knit rattles/teethers.  We also asked one set of grandparents for the bigger size of cloth dipes since he's peeing out of all of the newborn ones, and the other set of grandparents are getting him a rug for the playroom we're going to start setting up for him. 

    Open Topic. What is on your mind this week? Mostly the upcoming holidays, I can't believe how different it is from last year... but at the same time I do so miss Peyton.  I just wish Raylan could have his brother... so it's all very bittersweet.  On the one hand I'm happier than I've ever been, on the other hand there's still such a huge piece of me missing and I know that will always be the case.  It's like getting used to the NEW new normal. 

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