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Postpartum Depression

I need help.

I don't know who to turn to though. Do I go to my OB or a family doctor? I don't know if I have PPD or what. I don't feel the need to harm my child or myself. I am a very loving and caring mother to my son. I am just depressed. I feel worthless. It's like I can't even make myself or people around me happy. If and when I do go to a doctor, what is the best medication to take? I hear about Zoloft and Lexapro all the time. Are those the best?

Re: I need help.

  • I had plans to talk to my OB when things were rough for me. I rarely go to any doctor so she was just the most recent. I'd say either would be good though. I'm not sure which medications are the best. Good luck! Things will get better!

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  • All meds are diff for diff ppl. Its honestly trial and error and they take up to 4-6wks to see results....but i would get a referral to a psych if you can.

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  • I would talk to you OB. I talked to my family doctor & all she did was put me on an antidepressant. You OB may be able to refer you for help. I was reffered to my clinic mental & behavioral health department. turns out they had an open clinic where you can see a therapist & psycharist without having to wait weeks or months. My biggerst advice is tell someone. No one knows how you are feeling unless you tell them. my psycharist started me on Prozac. they will be able to pick the best one based on your symptoms (a psycharist goes to school specifically to perscribe psychartic meds).

    this is an amazing website: https://postpartumstress.com

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