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Acid Reflux?? Help!!

How do you know if your baby has reflux? My LO doesnt spit up, but has thrown up a few times - and its the entire feeding. He has some of the symptoms (hiccups, arches back when eating, fussy until he's upright...) but maybe I'm over-reacting? He is also inconsistent with the amount he wants to eat - sometimes 3oz, sometimes 6oz. We are trying to track his schedule, but never seem to find a pattern. I'm stressed that we're missing something and that he's in pain. Help!!
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Re: Acid Reflux?? Help!!

  • Talk to your pediatrician, but sounds just like our LO and he is a different baby since getting Zantac twice daily. 


    We use Dr. Browns, use Gerber Soothe, and give Zantac.  MIRACLES!!!

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  • We were having the same problem with our LO. He'd scream in pain after ever feeding, we felt so bad. We brought him to the dr. and they put him on a reflux medicine to try and see how it worked for him, it was also Zantac twice a day. takes a few wks to work(If it works) and most babies dont like the taste of it. I didnt work for our LO so we are now trying a different medicine and this one is working wonders for us! I say bring your LO to the doctor to get checked out!
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  • Call your pedi and explain. We had the exactly same issue with DS last year and DD this year. In both cases we ended up with milk protein allergies and reflux. DD just started Alimentrum and Zantac. DS took the same but eventually switched from Zantac to Prevacid. 
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  • My LO is the same way and we are taking Zantac, but it is not helping anymore.  To make matters worse her appetite is getting bigger and bigger with each feeding and each day she is taking more and more fomula.  She is eating me out of house and home and I can't afford to keep up with it.  Growth spurt my butt!!! 

    It sounds to me like it is reflux because these are a lot to the exact same symptoms we had with DD and are starting to have again.  We too are having hard time with a pattern as it changes each time she eats.  Today she has taken 5 oz, every hour fo the past four hours. 


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