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Ftm needing reassurance

2 days ago my husband started exhibiting flu symptoms. I had the flu vaccine, but we have a 3 week old baby who has probably been exposed to the germs. Baby hasn't shown any symptoms yet but I am in a complete panic. Any advice or reassurance to help this FTM keep it together would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Ftm needing reassurance

  • Just went to the Dr. yesterday because our LO was getting sick.  He said unless baby's temp goes above 100.4 or baby can't eat, it should pass after 5-7 days. 


    Also, if you BF your LO is getting antibodies from you :)

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  • If it makes you feel better, my dh was really sick for about 4 days with flulike symptoms when my LO was 6 weeks. She didn't even have a sneeze while he was sick. I did make him wash his hands a lot, but besides that, we didn't do anything extra. GL!
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  • Be extra vigilant about hand washing and keep an eye on lo. That's about all you can do. As pp mentioned, if they do get it it will pass.
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