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Well today marked my second day temping, after I inserted my temperature yesterday's temperature got an open circle , why would it do that? Also, I know it is best to temp at the same time every morning, but I have 2 days out of the week where I leave earlier then the other times, could I still do it at different time?

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    You get open circles when you temp at inconsistent times or mark "sleep deprived" on your chart. 

    Is it possible to set an alarm to the earliest time you get up weekly and then go back to sleep on the days you don't have to leave as early?  For example, I set mine for 530 every morning, that's the earliest I have to get up to leave and it's a time when I will have 3 consecutive hours of sleep prior to temping.  Other days (like today) I temp and go back to sleep. 

    Eta:  It's always helpful to link your chart or to put your chart in your siggy so we can see what you're talking about when referring to your chart.  Also, you can temp at different times if really necessary, but after 3 consecutive hours of sleep, ideally.  Some women have problems with this and won't be able to see a shift as they're more sensitive to the different times (as our temps change depending on the time), some can still see a shift no problem so it's really trial and error to see if it'll work for you temping at different times.  Just tell FF that it's the same time and you'll avoid the open circles. 

    Yes  The open circles won't always prevent FF from detecting O, but it can make it more difficult. It's best to temp at the same time every day, even if you don't have to get up for a few more hours, so that it's more consistent. Open circles aren't great, but it doesn't mean your chart is doomed.

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