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TTC After a Loss

**DCWJes** ygpm nft


4 Losses (2003, 2008, Apr 2012, & Oct 2012)
All RPL and IF testing with multiple REs = normal

5 IUIs = BFN

All AL are welcome
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Re: **DCWJes** ygpm nft

  • Back atcha
    I have short term memory loss. Do not take it personally if I do not remember you right away.
    No longer trying to conceive at all.
    BFP #1 12/1/02 DD born 7/25/03 
    BFP #2 7/23/10 EDD 3/30/11 m/c 8/17/10 We will always miss you Angelique Marie! 
     BFP #3 4.13.11 EDD 12.18.11 m/c 5/13/11 d&c 5/18/11 We will always miss you Sprout Ryker! 
     Lucky Lee (furbaby) born 1.29.12 
     Midnight Marie (furbaby) born 7.4.12 passed for unknown reasons 9.19.12 Missing my jumping bean. 
    image image
    image image
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    ♥♥ Pg/PAL Welcome! ♥♥ 
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