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Baby possibly leaving

I found out yesterday that one of our LO's might be leaving in the next week or two. They are waiting on a HS to be completed on a family member and it looks good it will be approved so far. Blah, we didn't see this coming with this LO.

Part of me is happy he will be with family and part of me wants something to fall through. I know anything can change in foster care it's just sad that Christmas is right around the corner. 



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Re: Baby possibly leaving

  • (( Hugs )) I'm sorry, that is so hard especially this time of year. I totally get your mixed feelings, I hope everything goes as smoothly for all of you as possible no matter the outcome. Take care of yourself, thoughts and prayers for you.

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  • I so feel your pain.  It is so bittersweet.  And I had a really hard time with the unknowns before our foster sons left.  We thought for 3 weeks that they could leave within a few hours or days, which was horrendous.  So I'm really hoping your social worker can give you a clearer picture of when things will actually happen.

    I worried quite a bit about all of our last moments.  Last weekend.  Last bedtime.  Last dinner.  and on and on.  But my advice is to do what feels right.  The last night I didn't steal snuggles because the boys just weren't that snuggly.  We were all over-tired and really everyone just needed to sleep.  While I do miss their snuggles now, I'm glad we were all well-rested for the next day. 

    Hang in there!  *hugs*

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