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What the heck body!?!

Okay so we have been doing letrozole and hcg trigger with ti... had two close calls after taking 3 months off before that had nothing... August we had sperm and egg meet no implant; October/September we got pregnant but baby stopped growing had a natural mc at 5 weeks 1 day... Waiting for af so I can start trying again... Hubs and I are just so ready after waiting 3 1/2 years for a second baby... Well today is cd 30 with no af even close and I judge o by ewcm and temp spike because I usually am monitored and trigger so there's no question. Well obviously no monitoring this month and we had very little activities but I had ewcm cd 15 (typical for o), then again on cd 20 then again on cd 28 then (yesterday) cd 29 ewcm and temp spike... Can I please just get my period so we can try to fill my empty freaking uterus??!!! And my daughter who is now 7 keeps asking when the baby is going to come back and when mommy will have another because she is ready to be a big sister... It's like for real! Let's get to it!!! Okay vent over. Thanks!
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Re: What the heck body!?!

  • Sorry your body is acting up.  I would give the doctor a call by mid week next week if AF is a no show.  Maybe they can help get this moving a little quicker
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