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Anyone a member of MOPS?

I am taking a 9 month maternity leave. Since we will only have one income DS won't be going to daycare anymore. I was looking into some cheap/free activities we could do so that he can still be around kids. We go to story time at the library a lot, but my cousin was telling me she's a member of MOPS and loves it. Tell me about your experiences. Do you like it? What types of activities do you do? There are multiple groups in my area. Does anyone go to multiple locations?

Re: Anyone a member of MOPS?

  • I love my MOPS group.  We're in a rural area so there is only once close to me. 

    We do a lot of crafts, but we have also made donuts & applesauce.  Some crafts we have done are tile coasters, hooded bath towels, rice heating pad, meal planning board, bath salts.  Our group just started last January so it's fairly new.




  • MOPS is awesome! I joined after my first son and it was great to be able to connect with other moms.
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