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8 month old gags with solids still?

Good morning ladies. 

Anyone else have issues getting LO to try solids / table food?  I have been trying for a month (DS is 8 months now) and he is having such a hard time with anything slightly chunky. 

Mashed potato's, mashed avocado, stage 3 jar foods with soft chunks of anything in it, he gags, chokes and throws everything up.  It's really scary and I am just  afraid to try anything anymore.  I tried 2 little pieces of rice last night and he totally gagged and then threw up everywhere. I can't imagine he really has this much trouble with solids still?  Is it just a sensitive gag reflex possibly? 

Up until recently he was constantly throwing up his formula but the doctors never seemed concerned since he was gaining weight and he was always a happy spitter, but he would go thru at least 5 to 6 kitchen towels a day, it was alot of spit up daily. 

I am starting to wonder if there is something related to that stopping him from moving on to solids?  Our next doc appt isn't until Jan. 3rd and he eats the pureed baby foods just fine so DH thinks we should just wait until then to talk to the doc and continue to feed him formula and purees until then. 

I just thought I would hop on and see if any of you had dealt with this or what your thoughts were?  TIA!

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Re: 8 month old gags with solids still?

  • We are having that issue. He gags on the puffs and yogurt bits as well. Not too worried at this point since table food is just practice.
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  • I'd call the dr and ask about it.  the dietician that I spoke to when I was looking into baby led weaning said that when textures are delayed too long it can become a problem.  She said they see a lot of babies reject certain textures if they are introduced too late... Do you make your own purees?  can you add texture gradually to the puree so that he learns to handle it?maybe mix a little bit of finely ground chicken or something to it?

    Also are you putting the spoon in his mouth?  it might be easier for him if he has control over how much gets in his mouth at a time.  Even if it's just dipping his fingers in the mashed food at first.  Like PP said, it's all about learning to handle food at first, but that doesn't mean stop trying... just that if it doesn't go into his mouth right away that's ok. Let him get used to the texture by playing w/ it with his fingers first.

    DD has always fed herself, and she stopped gagging after 1-2 weeks of solids... but every child is different.  If you are concerned, definitely go to your dr.

    eta: I did a first aid course that dealt with choking etc... it might be helpful to do one.

    eta2: I just re-read what I wrote... I didn't mean to make it sound that you delayed textures too long... obviously starting them at 7 months isn't too long... just that you should check w/ someone before delaying them longer.  I'd try giving him control over putting it in his mouth.


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  • My son is 9.5 months now, and was doing this same thing, until 8.5 months or so.  Then literally, overnight it changed.  I just kept trying and one day he just started eating, and now eats 3 meals a day, whatever we are eating.  Just keep offering things.  Eventually he will get it - sometimes it just takes awhile. 

    Oh - and my guy still struggles with rice, the grains are so small, he chokes still.  I would try some pasta, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes or even just applesauce on his tray.  Sometimes they just need to get the practice at feeding themselves in general.  I have limited experience but I'd try to let him feed himself the table foods if you weren't doing that.  Good luck!  He'll get the hang of it!

  • Thanks everyone, I will keep at it and def. ask the pedi about it on Jan. 3rd if we are still having issues.  I hadn't thought of letting him play with the food and try to feed himself, we have always just spoon fed him but even a small spoonful sends him throwing up! 

    thanks for all the suggestions, we will be trying things differently at our house over the next few weeks and see if things change in the next month! 

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