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Gate help

Ok, after my UO yesterday about product recs, I am asking lol, so feel free to take a switch to me.

Does anyone have this gate?  We need one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom of the stairs.  Both the top and the bottom have one wall, one banister, and we'll be mounting them with screws, not just a pressure mount. 

I was hoping for the extra tall because he's already so tall, and he's a climber, so he makes me nervous.

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Re: Gate help

  • I think that's the one my mom and dad have at their house. They originally got it with several extra extensions to use in a wide doorway with their dog, but now use it with just the original pieces at the top of the stairs when we visit with the girls. It has worked well both pressure mounted and screwed in.
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  • We have that gate (or a slightly older version, same company, same extra tall) I would not necessarily recommend it for the top of the stairs, though. The extra bar along the floor is a pain for whenever you or LO are going through it, because it's at the top of the stairs, it could be slightly more dangerous.

    Also, the one we had that we liked for the top of the stairs was easy to keep sitting open and it even retracted a little and laid flush with the stairway wall. This was nice because we only actually closed/locked the gate so few hours a day (when LO was playing freely upstairs). You wouldn't want one that swung closed every time and/or sat in the pathway and had to be handled every time.

    Hope this helps!

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