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Has anyone every been involved with the organization Safe Families For Children?  My husband and I are looking into it and I would love to hear other's experiences.  The only concern I have right now is that most of the kids they place are under 6 years old and I don't know how daycare would be handled.  I need to ask them that.  Otherwise, it seems you welcome the child into your family for as long as needed and treat them like your own (in the most simple terms anyway).  I assume the child would probably come with some behavior issues and possibly seen some trama, but as a teacher I feel I would be able to deal with that with the support of the program.  Any experiences out there?
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Re: Safe Families for Children

  • Not personally, however there is a lady at our DC who fosters infants until they are placed with a perm. family. She receives income from the state to help with the cost and all else is norm DC practice. She only cares for infants bc she had a difficult 7 yo boy once who threatened her life.
    Also, we are friends with a cpl who adopted 3 teens well one was 9 at the time. The cpl was educated on the kids background and they share of their ups and downs. Honestly, parenting is one of the toughest jobs and teens are the ultimate challenge.

    It's wonderful you are considering helping the children. I'm sure the organization will give you tools to help make your experience a success. I would like to think children under 6 will be easier to parent and less 'scarred or troubled' than those with a longer life experience.

    Keep us updated on your development.
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  • What state do you live in?  That tends to make all the difference for your questions.

    Yes, kids usually come with trauma (removal from the home is trauma itself) and maybe some behavioral issues.  You should be able to make the decision of what issues you are willing to accept into your home and what is considered a "no-go."  Daycare might be handled at the state's payment rate (which is usually low).  You will have to find a licensed daycare provider who takes that rate.  Usually staff there can tell you who families typically use.  Good luck and you have a generous heart!

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  • I work with SFFC in Northern Ca. or I would be happy to answer any questions and/or put you in touch with some of our families that have hosted children through SFFC. [email protected]
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