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Update to Modified Bedrest

First off thank all of you for your answers and support yesterday.  I wanted to give you an update. 

So I spoke with my doctor yesterday around 5.  He had me come in this morning and did another internal.  He says there doesn't appear to be any changes since over doing it on Tuesday.  He wrote me a note taking me out of the field.  He did have a small compromise for me that I can do one day per week out of the house in the field but no more than 3 hours.  This will still allow me to do crisis visits and fulfill all aspects of my job.  While these rarely occur (2 times a month on a bad month) there can be an occasions where someone demands someone on sight for a big issue.

We spoke about modified bed rest and while he feels taking me out of the field for work will be plenty as I can put my feet up while working from home and limit my mobility as needed.  I made the decision to be asked for his note to include I am now on modified bed rest as well.  I figure this is just one more thing that will make a transition out of work easier if it comes to that.

I am going to follow the no more than 4 hours a day on my feet with only being up 1 to 2 hours at a time for things like necessary errands, my baby shower, maybe a dinner out of the house here and there etc.

At my next appointment on the 10th, if anything has changed with my cervix I will be moved to bed rest with only bathroom/shower privileges and getting up to eat. He said my best chance to keep these boys baking until 37/38 weeks is for me to be laying down more than I am up to keep the pressure off my cervix just in case it starts to dilate more etc. Especially as the boys increase in size.  I will now be monitored weekly after the appointment on the 10th. 

He also told me to schedule a 30 week appointment with the MFM so there is a second set of eyes on my pregnancy from here on out. 

I guess it's time to setup my netflix queues, charge the kindle and put my feet up.  

Thank you again ladies!  

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Re: Update to Modified Bedrest

  • So glad everything is okay and you got the clarification you needed!

    Rest up lady!

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  • Glad you are going to take it easy.  Feel good!
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  • Great to hear all of this! It's always good to have a plan! Good Luck!
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  • Glad that everything is sorted out and that you have good communication with your doctor. He sounds great!
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  • Glad you are going to be taking it easier and that your doc is taking such good care of you! Keep those babies cooking!
  • Take it easy hon! :)
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  • Glad that you are taking it easy - cook babies, cook!
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  • I'm so glad you were able to talk to the doctor again and got some helpful advice. 
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  • Good Luck sweetie....not long to go now.  Take care of you.  

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