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Measuring Small at 8 wks

Found out a few weeks ago that we were pregnant with twins and could not be more excited!  I have gone in for a few ultrasounds to date (weeks 6 & 7).  At both of those baby A measured a little small by 1-3 days.  Today at my week 8 ultrasound and Baby A is measuring 4 days small.  Baby B is right on target.  Both have strong heartbeats.


My doctor didnt seem too worried about it yet but of course I am thinking the worst.  Anyone else in the same boat?  Any advice or stories you can share?


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  • My baby B measured small for 5 weeks in a row. So much so that our RE prepared us for the worse (vanishing twin) and said things just weren't looking good. Baby B was at one point measuring more than a week behind where I was in pregnancy and about 12 days behind baby A (who was measuring a few days ahead). 

    By week 10, baby B was on track though still smaller than baby A. Our b/g twins were born 3 weeks ago today...and baby B was weighed nearly 2 lbs less than her brother at birth (and still does)!.

    1-3 days small is not too concerning...and measurements are not super accurate in the early weeks. Try not to stress TOO much (I know it's hard). GL! 

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  • At my 7w0d sono, Baby B measured 6w5d and Baby A only measured 5w5d. My RE discussed vanishing twin with me, but at my 10w appointment, both were even and right on track. They have been almost dead even ever since until this weeks sono when A measured 5.12 and B at 6.4.

    Early ultrasounds can be off by a lot. I think the most accurate ones are around 10 weeks.  

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  • That's sounds very normal honestly. Was your pregnancy sponatneous or did you do fertility treatments?  With a spontaneous pregnancy your EDD is calculated by your last period and assuming you ovulated on CD 14.  Since we don't all ovulate like clock work there is bound to be some differences not to mention the u/s is only an estimate and calculated by averages for gestional age.  There is a margin of error.  If your Doc isn't worried, don't stress about it.  My twins were usually a little behind, but not enough to change our EDD.  I know based on my ovulation they were conceived around CD 19-20 so that's one reason.

  • Not to mention that if they happen to be di/di you could have ovulated/implanted on two different days entirely. 
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  • image Rynleigh:
    Not to mention that if they happen to be di/di you could have ovulated/implanted on two different days entirely. 


    This exactly. My guys are di/di and measured about 5 days apart early on. 

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  • I was told that up to a week behind isn't a concern because it happens with multiples. My girls always measured a day to 4 days behind. It wasn't till they were measuring 3 weeks behind that they decided it was an issue.. this ended up in a delivery at 34w4ds along. My girls are now 2 months old (3w2d adj) and doing awesome. Baby A was 14oz smaller than her sister at birth and they are still around that in difference now.


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