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Any one else live in a duplex.......

with PAPER thin walls!? Ugh. We lived here like 2 months when a lady and her 5 kids moved in next door. This place is pretty small, so I cant believe they rented to her. The kids range from 3-11. I can literally hear their conversations, footsteps let alone their running, scraming and slaming things.

How do you cope!? If DS gets asleeep for his nap he's usually good, but if its loud when hes trying to fall asleep I feel so bad for him.

Now I cant quite complain to her b/c they usually are'nt excessivelly loud. I cant be like, can you make your kids sit and be quiet......or can you please not vaccum.....I'm just frustrated. Lease is up in April and I cant wait!

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Re: Any one else live in a duplex.......

  • I live in an old row home that was made into two apartments.  So no insulation at all.  Just a house with two different front doors.

    I can hear the upstair neighbor walk, shower, talk on the phone, listen to music...well, everything.  But I remember that when my little one wakes in the middle of the night...screams from teething, gets loud cause, well, shes a kid, whines, cries...etc, etc...he hears that.  So I figure it's tit for tat.  Your little one will only get louder, remember that.  It sucks, but not much you can do.

  • Yup. I thought the same thing around 4:30 when DS cried for about 7 minutes.
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