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WCM on the go?

Just wondering how people run errands, go shopping, or take a day trip now that our LOs are on WCM?  When I breastfed, I obviously could always feed DS, when we switch to formula, I took a bottle of water and formula along.  Now with WCM, how do you take it along?  Do restaurants have WCM?  DS still is on bottles and trying to get the hang of the sippy, so he doesn't get much out of a sippy at dinner time.

Re: WCM on the go?

  • I usually take enough with me. DS still isn't using sippy for milk. I have a dr browns bag that is cross body it holds three bottles and a ice pack. It was 15 at buy buy baby. Love it! I put his snacks in there too. I never use my diaper bag anymore.
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  • I'm interested in hearing the answers here. The only solution I have come up with is filling the bottle and putting it into an insulated lunch sack with a ziploc bag of ice. It takes up more space in my diaper bag than I want though. :-/
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  • You can use an insulated container and just pour it into the bottle when needed, you could put ice in the bottle with milk and place inside and insulated bag (watch out for milk leaking), or you could just order it a restaurant. Since my DD gets milk at a resturant (for 4 years now), I think there have been only 2 resturants that didn't offer milk for the kids. It's usually a 2% or 1% milk offered.
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  • We use formula when we go out. I don't have a good small insulated bag, and I don't want to carry another bag along with the diaper bag, so we just stick with the formula while we're out, its easiest. He really doesn't eat too much of it, since he basically only has milk at naps and bedtime. He drinks water with meals and inbetween meals I give him snacks. I take the formula to use just in case he needs it.

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  • I don't offer milk all day, just when she wakes up, at meals and before bed. So I usually just bring a cup of water along.
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  • With DD1 I loved the Horizon Organic "milk boxes". They are ultra pasturized, single serving, and shelf stable so super easy to toss in a purse or diaper bag on the go.
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  • It's not really necessary to take it along.  By the time they're on cow's milk, it's not the main source of nutrition any more, so NBD if they miss a cup here or there.  When we're in a restaurant, I'll order milk.  Most Starbucks sell milk.  So, I'll grab it if it's available, but NBD if it's not

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  • If we are at a restaurant then I just order her milk. If they don't have it or we are just out and about, I just give her milk with her snack later. It's not like formula that they have to have WCM every three hours or HAVE to have it when they eat just as long as they have it throughout the day I think is good. 
  • DS gets other liquids while out and milk at home. I don't worry about it too much since he's all solids and only 4 oz of formula now.
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  • At this age, you don't need to offer milk all day at super important times, like when they were babies and it was their only nutrition. I bring a snack instead, and a sippy of water. You can always buy milk at a restaurant or gas station if you felt you really really had to.

    If we go out to dinner and it's close to his cranky time, I'll bring my little cooler bag and put a bottle of milk in it. He likes it cold, so I don't have to worry about warming it up or anything.

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  • I normally just bring his sippy and get milk wherever we are. Most places have milk and even if it isn't whole milk, I figure getting 2% every now and then isn't going to hurt.  
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  • They should really only be having WCM with meals so unless you are going out to eat you wouldn't need it out and if your at a restaurant you can just order some milk. Otherwise they should just be having water throughout the day.

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